Soul centered coaching and energy healing
Tools to transform your life !

The Body, this most wonderful instrument !

How we love our body when it feels good and we can feel the warm breeze on the seashore, or taste all the sensual joys of embodiment !

How it can make us suffer when it's been hurt or when its whispers have become shouts !

Through different bodywork techniques, with or without touch, I can help you learn the language of the body, listen to its whispers and lessen its pains - or the ones that your being hasn't processed yet and your body is protecting you from, by crystallizing all those energies in bodily tensions, without your conscious knowing.

The Soul, the One who says I AM though incarnation !

Beyond identification of ego, the soul is the essence of the Being who chose to come and experiment embodiment on this beautiful planet, with its happy and unhappy twists and turns, its challenges, lessons and joys. Being alive here and now, exercise free will, getting it wrong, getting it right ... Making conscious choices and discovering what it creates is how we learn and grow.

On this sometimes treacherous path, I can help you uncover what is hindering you, help you get in touch and follow your inner guidance, and create a life that is your sparkling dream life  !